Saving the world from desertification


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Desertification is probably the most critical issue that the world is facing. For numerous reasons including over-logging, poor agricultural practices, poor water management and poorness itself, the world is rapidly turning into a desert.

It does not need to be. The following videos prove it and show a way to solve the problem.

In these videos, Geoff Lawton, from the research institute, show his work on greening the desert. He proves that, when intelligently designed and maintained, a piece of land can develop into a rich, fertile and profitable ecosystem.

This short documentary creates hope for our planet. It clearly demonstrate that the need to turn down our way of life is a misconception, but what really matters to solve the climate crisis is the way we tend and manage our planet. Permaculture shows that instead of acting like grasshopper, men should act as the gardeners of the earth, as is advised in many of the traditions of old.

Permaculture is a young fast-growing solution-focused grass-root movement. The concept has been developed in the 70s and means “Permanent agriculture”. Opposed to traditional monoculture, permaculture aims at recreating whole ecosystems and have plants and animals work together to recreate the soil, produce life and fruits in abundance. Most of the design is inspired from the natural nature is working and try to replicate beneficial interactions betweens animals and plants.

Instead of using water heavily, little water is needed, since the populated soil and keyline design irrigation systems retain water for a very long time, despite drought and weather difficulties. It also reduces the risk of flash floods. It challenges the claim that the world is heading for a scarcity economy.





Do you find those videos inspiring? Are you involved in permaculture or do you believe your place would benefit from this technique? We would love to hear from you.

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